Participant Stories

We’ve helped thousands of Fifers stay warm and save energy at home. Read a few of the stories of some of the people we’ve supported.

Wilma’s Story

Wilma was struggling to heat her home during the cost of living crisis, find out how Cosy Kingdom were able to support her.

Amanda’s Story

Amanda lives with her two children and works part-time as an in-home carer. She got in touch with us when the increase in energy prices and fuel prices meant she had to choose between topping up her meter to keep the lights on, or to put fuel in her car […]

Stewart’s Story

This week is Challenge Poverty Week. An annual event to highlight some of the challenges ordinary people face to keep their homes warm. We’re going to be sharing stories of people we’ve supported and the challenge’s they’re facing.┬áThis is Stewart’s Story.

Andy’s Story

Andy was struggling to keep his meters topped up and cupboards full during the COVID-19 Pandemic. Find out how Energy Advisor Barry helped him.

Allan & Tina’s Story

Background Allan & Tina live in a 3 bedroom house which they have owned for over 40 years. The property had old electrical storage heaters, but only 2 of them were working. Allan suffers from chronic health issues and Tina is now noticing other age-related health issues. They felt their […]

Samantha’s Story

Samantha had recently lost her job and had to claim Universal Credit. This meant that she had to go 6 weeks without any income, she was now struggling to keep her heating and lights on and got in touch with Cosy Kingdom for some advice.

Luke’s Story

Luke has a number of disabilities that stop him from managing his income and household bills. See how we helped in our blog.

Carly’s Story

Carly had her benefits sanctioned and had no income for several weeks. She had no gas and only 30p left on her electric. See how we helped in our blog.

David’s Story

Donna heard about Cosy Kingdom through Facebook. She booked a home advice visit for her elderly father David, through our website, to see if we could offer him any support.

Steve’s Story

Steve wanted some help with condensation, he didn’t realise he would get 3 new benefits and a new heating system too.