The Warm Home Discount

Last Updated 2nd August 2021

The Warm Home Discount

The Warm Home Discount is a rebate of £140 you may be eligible to claim from your energy supplier. It’s a UK Government scheme obligating energy suppliers to provide assistance to customers who may need extra support to heat their homes during the cold winter months.

Not all suppliers offer the scheme, only suppliers who have more than 250,000 customers are obligated to provide it. You can find a list of participating suppliers below.

Our ‘Warm Home Discount – Explained’ video gives an overview of how it works.


Who is eligible?

The Warm Home Discount is split into two groups, the core group and the broader group, both have different eligibility criteria.


Core Group

The Core group is made up of those who receive Pension Credit. If this is you, the Warm Home Discount will be paid automatically.

If you don’t receive it, firstly check that your supplier offers it and that your name and address are the same on your energy bills as they are with the Department for Work and Pensions (DWP).

You should usually have received a letter during the summer if you’re going to be given the Warm Home Discount automatically. If you receive Pension Credit, and you’ve not had a letter from the DWP, it’s important to get in touch with your energy company to let them know.


Broader Group

The broader group criteria differ slightly between suppliers. However, you will most likely qualify if you receive some sort of means-tested benefit and/or are on a low income. If you’re in the broader group you will need to apply for it each year.


How do I apply?

Each supplier has a limited amount of money to give away. Usually, suppliers will offer this on a first come first serve basis. Applications usually open in the Autumn. You should be able to apply online or through your suppliers app if they have one. Some suppliers will help you complete an application by phone.


How will I get it?

Energy suppliers have until the end of March 2022 to pay it to you. If you have a prepayment meter you will usually receive a voucher in the post. If you have a standard meter you will see it added to your winter bill as a credit.


Participating suppliers 2021/2022

Below you can find a list of the energy suppliers who offer the scheme. Click on the link to be taken to the suppliers application form or webpage. We’ll also update this showing when a supplier has opened or closed applications.

Energy Supplier


Avro Energy Opening Autumn 2021
Boost Energy Opening Autumn 2021
Bristol Energy Core group only
British Gas Opening Autumn 2021
British Gas Evolve Opening Autumn 2021
Bulb Energy Opening Autumn 2021
E energy supply Opening Autumn 2021
E.On Open for applications
E.On Next Opening Autumn 2021
Ecotricity Core group only
EDF Energy Opening Autumn 2021
Octopus Energy Opening Autumn 2021
Ovo Energy Opening Autumn 2021
 Park Homes Opening Autumn 2021
Powershop Opening Autumn 2021
Pure Planet Opening Autumn 2021
Sainsbury’s Energy Opening Autumn 2021
Scottish Power Opening Autumn 2021
Shell Energy Opening Autumn 2021
So Energy Opening Autumn 2021
Spark Opening Autumn 2021
SSE / Scottish Hydro Opening Autumn 2021
Symbio Energy Opening Autumn 2021
Utilita Energy Open for 1 week only 11th – 18th August 2021
Utility Point Core group only
Utility Warehouse Opening Autumn 2021


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