Saving energy on lighting your home

Illuminating our home can account for around 10-15% of the average household electricity bill. By switching to more energy-efficient lighting you can make an easy start at cutting down your energy use.


Switch them off

One of the oldest energy saving tricks in the book. By simply switching lighting off in rooms you’re not occupying you could save around £20 a year.


Upgrade to LEDs

If you still have older incandescent or halogen bulbs lighting up your home, they’re wasting energy and costing you money.

LEDS are a modern replacement for traditional lighting and you could save around £55 a year by making the change.

Not only do LEDS cost a lot less to run but they should last a lot longer too. Most LEDS are expected to work for around 10 years at least before needing to be replaced compared to around 2 years for the average halogen bulb.


More choice

Not only do LEDS save you money but you have much more choice surrounding how they light up your home. Most standard LEDS can output different ‘colours’ of light such as a warm yellowish glow, to a cooler sharper light or even ones that replicate daylight.

On top of the standard lighting colours some LEDS are also able to change colour which can be fun for kids and adults alike!


Go Smart

Smart LEDS are also becoming even more popular. These are bulbs that can be controlled from your phone or through a smart speaker. The technology is constantly improving so who knows what they’ll come up with next?

Finding the Right LED

For a time, we used the wattage of a bulb to refer to how bright a bulb would be. With LEDS that’s no longer a case. They’re much lower wattage but they can still output the same, if not greater light than traditional bulbs.

To decide how bright, you need your bulb you need to look at the Lumens, not wattage on a LED.

You can use the table below to gauge how bright a bulb will be before you purchase it.


40 Watt  470 Lumens
60 Watt 800 Lumens
100 Watt 1500 Lumens


Get more advice

Would you like some more advice on lighting your home efficiently? Cosy Kingdom is a free and impartial energy advice service available to everyone living in Fife.

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