Participant Stories

Here are some ways Cosy Kingdom have helped Fifers in different ways:


Participant story 1: Fuel debt

Meter Reading - Glenis Case StudyGlenis was referred to Cosy Kingdom by a friend as she had over £2000 in debt on her electricity meter, she was struggling to keep up with her bills and keep her family warm.  A Cosy Kingdom energy advisor visited her in her home and found that her electricity use was almost twice the national average. He gave her advice on how she could reduce her energy use, helped her apply for the Warm Homes Discount and and applied to the British Gas Trust for a grant to clear her debt.

“This is a huge burden off my shoulders and I can now look ahead at making a fresh start. I am more aware of how much electricity we use and make a conscious effort to switch things off, as well as taking shorter showers”


Participant story 2: Reduced carbon footprint

Mr and Mrs Forbes contacted Cosy Kingdom because they wanted to make a change to the way they used energy in their home. They felt they were spending too much on their bills and also wanted to reduce their carbon footprint.

“With Cosy Kingdom’s help, I installed Solar PV, and an electric vehicle charge point. I also bought an electric car. I am now much more environmentally friendly and saving money on my energy bills”


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