Thermal Imaging Surveys

A thermal imaging camera detects infrared radiation which shows how much heat an object gives off. This can be used to identify areas of missing insulation, air leakage, dampness and thermal bridging – areas where heat and moisture can pass through insulation.

Take a look and see some of the images we captured, and what they can show about heat loss in our homes.


  • Red and white areas are hottest
  • Blue, purple and black areas are coolest


As part of our service, we can conduct a survey of your property with a thermal camera, a survey can only be completed when it’s dark after the sun has set,  in the late afternoon or early evenings of Winter. If you feel that your home is hard to heat, or you struggle with high energy bills, get in touch and book a free and impartial energy advice visit with one of our expert advisors through our booking form or by calling us on 01592 858458.