Spring Energy Savings

Greener Kirkcaldy Media volunteer Angie gives us some top tips and spring energy and money saving in her most recent blog.

When the weather gets milder there are a few things we can do to offset the high energy costs of a long winter:

  • Change the timer from the winter settings to a more suitable setting once the weather is milder, some have an hourly switch which is enough to warm the house mornings and evenings.  The thermostat can also be turned down a degree or 2.


  • The weather is better for hanging washing out so the tumble dryer can be used less.  Keep an eye on weather forecasts and save washing bedding and towels until fairer days.  Clothes airers can be used indoors to finish drying washing that’s not quite dried outside. The tumble dryer might be used occasionally, especially with April Showers! Cleaning the filters of fluff can improve the air flow and reduce energy used overall.  Also using the feather duster for behind radiators improves the heat flow and warmth to the home.


  • Instead of an expensive to run bath, a shower is far more economical, provided it’s not running too long!


  • With the lighter evenings, lighting can be used less and we can make use of natural light.  If any bulbs need replacing, shop around pound stores or cheaper supermarkets for LED’s which will last for years and use less energy.  According to Energy Savings Trust, switching all lights can save £35 a year.  Visit their website for more information on how much cost cutting measures can save.


  • When spring cleaning, remember to defrost the fridge if there is a 5cm build up of ice as this will use more energy.  Checking the fridge temperature is set at 3° and the freezer is at -16° ensures maximum efficiency – an extra 5% energy can be used if it’s set at a degree lower.  Cleaning the fridge coils at the back of the appliance means less work for the motor and less energy used. When spring cleaning it’s a good time to draught-proof your home. The seals on windows and doors can increase energy costs if heat is escaping.


  • Aside from spring cleaning we usually change how we eat in the milder weather, with less need for slow cooker stews or oven baked casseroles we can save a lot of energy.  Opting for salad sides with a grilled main or even cooking several chickens in the oven and storing in the freezer for pastas or salads.  Investing in a steamer basket is a great way to save as the vegetables can be cooked over a pot of potatoes and steaming also retains more of that veggy goodness.  One pan meals are another option that save both energy and time, Pinterest has lots of good recipes.


  • And finally, make the most of the good weather by opting for family days outdoors rather than indoor play centres that can cost the earth!

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