How to enjoy Valentine’s Day and save energy too 2017

Valentine’s Day is often thought of as a day for big, grand and expensive gestures, however, your energy bills don’t need to be expensive too. We’ve listed some simple ways to save energy but also enjoy the day.


  1. Turn down the thermostat

Cuddle up under a blanket instead of having the heating switched up high. Did you know turning your thermostat down by just 1°c could save up to £85 a year off your bills?


  1. Close the curtains

In need of some privacy? Closing the curtains at dusk is a great way to keep nosey neighbours out. Plus it helps to prevent heat loss too. If you need new curtains invest in some thermal curtains to help keep your home cosy.


  1. Share a shower

Getting ready for the big night? Sharing a shower will cut your energy use in half and save on wasting water too. Try limiting the shower to 4 minutes though – this is the recommended time it should take to get washed.


  1. Cook at home

You could save energy by going out for dinner, or cook a nice healthy meal at home using a slow cooker. This can cost as little as 10.5p when it’s on for 7 hours over the course of the day. Plus you’ll be able to prove you’re a fantastic cook. There’s some brownie points right there.


  1. Turn off the lights

Switch the lights off and use candles instead – it’s a great way to set the mood and save energy. Plus if you’re stuck for a last minute gift, LEDs are a fantastic idea. They help reduce energy use by 90% and can last up to 25 years. Greener Kirkcaldy are currently running an LED amnesty in their High Street Hub – bring in your old bulbs and get 20% off new ones!


  1. Switch of standby

After you’ve finished watching your romantic movie and are heading up to bed for the night, remember to turn the TV and other gadgets off at the plug. We waste around £30 in wasted energy each year by leaving devices on standby.


  1. Wash at a cooler temperature

After the night is over and you are washing your towels, clothes and sheets, you can save more energy by washing at 30°c instead of a higher temperature. Most detergents will work well at this temperature too.


Cosy Kingdom offers free and impartial energy advice visits to households in Fife. If you would like some support to save energy book an advice visit.