How home renewable energy could benefit you

Solar power illustrationGreener Kirkcaldy media volunteer Adam Anderson did some research into home renewable energy.


What is renewable energy?

Home renewable energy could be a great alternative way to generate energy within your own home. There are various renewable technologies such as solar panels and biomass systems that offer positive benefits for both the environment and you.

Renewable energy is collected from natural elements in our own environment, such as the sun, and from wind and water. Through certain technologies we are able to store and use this as a source of energy. There are many positive reasons to consider renewable energy that include: the use of sustainable resources, reduced pollution from carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gases; and reduced energy bills.


Solar PV

The technology available allows you to generate your own electricity and heat. Solar panel electricity systems stores energy from the sun using photovoltaic cells. These solar panels absorb sunlight to generate electricity and they can be placed either on a roof or the ground, and in turn the stored electricity can be used to power electrical appliances in your home. The benefits of solar electricity include reducing your carbon footprint and electricity costs.  As solar electricity is considered to be green energy it doesn’t produce carbon dioxide or greenhouse gases. According to the Energy Saving Trust using a home solar PV system can result in saving over a tonne of carbon dioxide a year.



Solid fuel boiler. Boiler roomBiomass systems, also known as wood-fueled heating systems, can provide heat to a single room or can even be used to power central heating and hot water boilers. A stove burns logs or pellets and can come with a back boiler that can be used to heat water. It can also be linked to the central heating and hot water systems. The Energy Saving Trust estimates that in comparison to an electrical heating system, a biomass system can save you up to £880 a year. Also there are numerous benefits from using such a system that range from affordable heating fuel and it is also considered to be a low-carbon option.


More information

So if you are considering a home renewable system the Energy Saving Trust recommend some important factors to think over. You should review how energy efficient your home is to get the most potential out of a home renewable system. It is also important to research the various home renewable systems that are available for your home wither that be solar panels or a biomass system. Also when choosing a new system ask yourself what do you want out of it, maybe you want to be more environmentally friendly or you may want to choose a system that could save you more money.

There is a lot of information to review when approaching the subject of home renewable energy. However, there is also a lot advice available to help with any questions you still may have.

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