Fuel Poverty Awareness Day 2019

15th February 2019 is Fuel Poverty Awareness Day. It’s a day aiming to raise knowledge of, and engagement with, organisations working within our communities to support those who find themselves struggling with high fuel bills or a hard-to-heat home.

Most people would be unlikely to identify themselves as being in fuel poverty, they’re more likely to think:

  • I can’t pay my gas bill / top up my meter
  • I can’t afford to turn on the heating
  • My home is always damp or cold
  • I’m always ill

The causes for these can be complex, however can be due to:

  • Low income
  • High fuel costs
  • Energy inefficient homes


How Cosy Kingdom help

We give free and impartial advice to help you find practical and affordable ways to save energy and control your bills. Our advisors make over 1,000 home energy advice visits each year, helping people out of fuel poverty and tackling carbon emissions.


Book a home visit

If you live in Fife, Cosy Kingdom is here to help. Our friendly, knowledgable advisors can visit anyone in Fife, regardless of whether you own your home, rent from the council, privately or from a housing association. We can help you find solutions to help you manage your fuel costs and stay warm at home. Book a visit by getting in touch via our online booking form. You can also call the office directly on 01592 858458.


Get involved

You can help us support vulnerable people in Fife to stay warm over the winter by donating to Greener Kirkcaldy’s ‘Help Fuel Fife Folk’ campaign.

You could also become one of Greener Kirkcaldy’s ‘Energy Champions’, and help spread the word about Cosy Kingdom and the services we provide.