External Wall Insulation – Kirkcaldy 2017

Fife Council and the Scottish Government’s Home Energy Scotland are working together to provide external wall insulation for suitable homes in Kirkcaldy.

Fife Council tenants in eligible areas will be able to get the insulation at no extra cost and homeowners and private tenants will be offered it at a heavily subsidised rate.


Ravenscraig Flats after the External Wall Insulation was fitted.

Am I eligible?

This year, houses in the following areas of Kirkcaldy may be eligible:


Dallas Drive

Fair Isle Road

Overton Mains

Caithness Place

Orkney Place

Shetland Place

Sutherland Place


Torbain & West Torbain


Link Street

Saunders Street

Earn Road



You should receive a letter from Fife Council & Home Energy Scotland if you are on the list of eligible homes. It’s important to get in touch with Home Energy Scotland to book your survey as work will be starting as soon as April.


What is External Wall Insulation?

Many homes built in Fife after the 1960’s have cavity walls – where the space between the external and internal wall can be insulated. However, around 45% of homes in the UK have solid walls – with no cavity. These buildings need to have solid wall insulation installed either internally or externally. Installing the insulation externally has the following benefits:

  • Can be applied without disruption to the household
  • Does not reduce the floor area of your home
  • Refreshes the appearance of outer walls
  • Improves weatherproofing and sound resistance.
  • Fills cracks and gaps in the brickwork, which will reduce draughts
  • Increases the life of your walls by protecting the brickwork
  • Reduces condensation on internal walls and can help prevent damp (but will not solve rising or penetration damp)


Why do I need external wall insulation?

Many people with solid walls feel their home is difficult to heat. Often homes with solid walls can lose as much as 45% of their heat through the walls. It’s been found that homes with external wall insulation can save around £260 on their annual fuel bills and 1,100kg of carbon each year. It is also a great chance to get your home looking fresh as a new exterior finish will be applied.


Where can I get more information?

Cosy Kingdom is here to help. If you want to find out more about external wall insulation and how it can benefit you, we offer free and impartial home energy advice visits. Get in touch via our booking form.

We can also compare your energy use before and after the work has been completed.

To book your survey contact Home Energy Scotland on 0808 808 2282.

Fife Council and Home Energy Scotland are also hosting a couple of information sessions where you can find out more about the Kirkcaldy programme (we’ll be there too!)


Tuesday 24 January, 3pm- 7pm

Happy Days Community Hub, 254 St Clair Street, Kirkcaldy

Wednesday 25 January,3pm – 7pm

Templehall Community Centre

Beauly Place, Kirkcaldy



You can also find out more information from: