David’s Story

Donna heard about Cosy Kingdom through Facebook. She booked a home advice visit for her elderly father David, through our website, to see if we could offer him any support.

Energy advisor Michael visited David and found that his home was quite difficult to heat. David had large windows in his living room and bedroom, which he found quite draughty. David was eligible for our Handy Service and we fitted thermal curtains at each window to help prevent heat loss. We also switched some of his inefficient light bulbs for LEDS.

David only received a basic pension. We noticed that he was struggling around his home and we suggested he apply for a benefit called Attendance Allowance. We arranged for our benefit advisor Kerry to go out and complete the application with him. His claim was successful and he received a back dated payment of over £660 and his annual income also increased by over £8000, as, in addition to the Attendance Allowance, he now receives a Severe Disability Premium to his pension.

David was incredibly grateful for our support and had not realised he would be eligible for any of this.


“I can’t believe I could get all this, I never thought I’d get anything and the curtains are lovely, my daughter is after them now!”