Climate Friendly Homes

Climate Friendly Homes

Wednesday 3rd March : 6:00 pm – 8:00 pm


Are you interested in having a warmer, more energy efficient home, with lower energy and repair costs and a reduced carbon footprint? Are you thinking about switching to an electric vehicle and want to know more about how it could complement home renewables?

We are spending more time at home, and our homes are now doubling up as workplaces and schools, so it makes sense to manage our energy use effectively. Since a third of our emissions come from heating and powering our homes, reducing our energy use is good for the planet as well as our purse.

At this event, you’ll hear about: the importance of taking a whole-house approach to cutting your energy usage and improving efficiency; practical and affordable ways to make your home comfortable and healthy; and we are using how tools such as draught testing and thermal imaging to help you make long-lasting reductions in your carbon emissions.

You’ll also hear from experts at Home Energy Scotland on a range of improvements to make your home warmer and more energy efficient whilst reducing running costs. Find out which home renewables would best suit you – and the funding available to make these larger changes. You’ll also hear about how the transition to electric vehicles can help you to make the most of any energy you generate at home. Home Energy Scotland will also be sharing how they have recently helped other households become more climate friendly.

The event will finish with a question and answer session, giving you plenty of time to get advice about your own home.

We will be using Zoom to host the event. A joining link will be sent out once you have booked your place.