Energy Efficiency

Advice blogs on topics that can help you to reduce your energy usage and become more energy efficient.

With energy prices at a record high, understanding how your appliances use energy is a great place to start when looking at saving energy around the home. We've calculated some estimated costs of running the most common household appliances.

Watt does it cost?

The cost of living crisis is set to become a major challenge in 2022 and beyond. This blog contains some of our best advice and guidance for those worried about the increase in energy costs this year.

Energy Price Crisis 2022

The ongoing UK Energy Crisis has led to a sharp rise in the prices we pay for our gas and electricity. This sudden increase may have you concerned about the affordability of keeping your home warm this winter. We've put together some top tips on using your heating controls to help keep bills low.

Making the most of your heating controls

With the return of the ‘stay at home’ message this January, it's likely we'll all be using more heating at home than usual. We've got some great advice to help you stay warm during lockdown.

Staying warm during lockdown

Our thermal imaging camera can be used to identify areas of heat loss in a home. Here's a brief look at a sample of images we've taken and find out what they mean.

Thermal Imaging – A Snapshot

During this difficult period, we’re all having to spend nearly all of our time at home. This inevitably means your energy use will increase and so will your costs. We’ve put together some simple tips you can put into practice to help keep your bills low.

Saving energy while self-isolating

Media volunteer Angie gives us some top tips and spring energy and money saving in her most recent blog.

Spring Energy Savings

Around 1/5th of the average household energy bill is spent on heating water, so using your water wisely can help cut your energy costs as well as reducing the water you use.

Waste Water, Waste Energy