Energy Billing & Fuel Debt

Advice blogs on how you are billed for your energy including managing fuel debt and switching suppliers.

Confused about how to read your energy meters? We show you how to do this in our blog.

How to read your meter

If you’ve heard that your energy supplier has ceased trading it’s normal to be worried or concerned. In this blog we’ll talk you through what this means for you and what steps you need to take in the short term.

What happens if your energy supplier goes bust?

Ofgem has announced the energy price cap is increasing in October. Find out how you could avoid the price hike.

Avoid the Energy Price Cap

Being behind on your energy bills can be stressful and worrying. Cosy Kingdom is here to help and we have lots of useful advice.

Dealing with Debt

If you've stuck with your supplier for a number of years chances are you could be missing out on savings from switching to a better deal. In this blog, we'll explain what you need to look out for to get switched on to switching.

Get switched on!

Christmas time is often a time of extravagance and overindulgence. However, when it comes to the energy you are using in your home, you don’t need to be wasteful to be comfortable.

Energy saving advice for a Cosy Christmas

Why not shop around and get a cheaper tariff for both your gas and electricity from a more competitive energy provider? Many people can save at least £280 a year by switching to a cheaper tariff.

A guide to switching energy suppliers