Carly’s Story

Carly was referred to Cosy Kingdom by her support worker. She had been sanctioned and left with no money for a few weeks. She only had 30p left on her electricity meter and had not had gas for months.


How we helped

We visited Carly and found that her gas meter was ‘OFF’. This was due to there being £52 debt on the meter because of her standing charge. We gave her energy supplier a call and arranged for an engineer to come out and wipe the debt. We also arranged to a smart meter fitted. This would help Carly keep on top of her ongoing usage.

As she was struggling with her benefits, we passed Carly’s details to Citizen’s Advice & Right’s Fife for help sorting them.  A £20 top up on her meters was arranged to help keep her going in the meantime.

Carly’s home was losing a lot of heat. this was partly due to repairs needed to her front door and windows. We contacted her landlord to have these to be repaired. She also received help from our Handy Service for some thermal curtains to help prevent heat loss. We also gave her some low energy LED bulbs.

Carly was very happy with our help and says she is “looking forward to having a bath in my own house instead of going to my friends like I’ve been doing for two months”.



Cosy Kingdom is a free and impartial energy advice service available to anyone in Fife. We can visit you in your home to help you stay warm and save energy. You can request a visit by calling us on 01592 858458, texting COSY and your name to 88440, emailing us on or use our booking form.