27th November is Fuel Poverty Awareness Day. It's a day to raise awareness of the challenge's many people face to keep their homes warm during the cold winter months.

Fuel Poverty Awareness Day 2020

This week is Challenge Poverty Week. An annual event to highlight some of the challenges ordinary people face to keep their homes warm. We're going to be sharing stories of people we've supported and the challenge's they're facing. This is Stewart's Story.

Stewart’s Story

5th October marks the start of the annual Challenge Poverty Week. Simply keeping warm in winter is a challenge for many people in Fife, who are already struggling to afford increasing and expensive fuel bills. In addition, the cold winter months threaten ill health and isolation.

Challenge Poverty Week 2020

We offer training, talks and workshops to groups and organisations across Fife whose participants may benefit from our help. With the current Covid-19 restrictions, we can currently run these virtually online or with small groups outside.

Training, Talks & Workshops