Autumn energy saving tips

We’re already noticing the drop in temperature outside. It’s the time of year when we start needing to heat our homes. We’ve produced a list of top tips to help you make the most of your energy throughout Autumn.


Hang Thermal Curtains

Thermal curtains are specially lined to help keep the heat in your home. Remember to close your curtains at dusk to help keep the heat in.


Reset your heating controls

As the seasons change so does the weather and the outside temperature. It’s important to adjust all your heating controls, programmers, thermostats and radiator valves to account for these changes.


Dig out the draught excluder

Closing the doors between your rooms will allow you to keep the heat where you need it – especially if you’ve set your heating controls correctly. If there’s a draught coming under the door, put a draught excluder down to help keep it out.


Move the furniture around

Don’t let your furniture block radiators. Allow the heat to circulate freely around the room. You can also fit a shelf above radiators to push the warm air into the centre of the room.


Apply for the Warm Home Discount

Get your application submitted to your energy supplier for the £140 Warm Home Discount. If you’re unsure of eligibility, check out our guide or get in touch.


Cosy Kingdom is a free and impartial energy advice service available to anyone in Fife. We can visit you in your home to help you stay warm and save energy. You can request a visit by calling us on 01592 858458, texting COSY and your name to 88440, email us on or use our booking form.